Message from the Group Chief Executive

The portfolio of companies that is now Eastland Group was formed in August 2003. The concept was that a shared service model which had the capability to better manage the individual entities within Eastland Group and to provide a platform to grow strong commercially successful businesses was a much more efficient delivery mechanism than each individual business trying to recruit and retain adequate managerial resource.

Over the intervening period the total assets of the group have grown fourfold and as well as reliable infrastructure the shareholders of Eastland Group are being rewarded with strong returns on their investment.

Strategic Intent

Eastland Group’s strategy is to be a Gisborne based company, investing in and managing a targeted portfolio of businesses, with a focus on the energy and logistics sectors, all of which must be capable of delivering value to its shareholders, customers and stakeholders:

All businesses to achieve greater than WACC returns and will target upper quartile returns when benchmarked to their reference industry sector;

Growth will not to come at the expense of the existing businesses, which will be defended and expanded and continue to strive for operational excellence;

The strategic business model for each sector that Eastland operates in to be primarily one of an asset intensive nature, and these sectors will be grown by developing inherent opportunities within the business and also those that are upstream, downstream or complementary in or to the value chain of the business. Growth may be organic or through acquisition, amalgamation or new development.

With our corporate offices in Gisborne, we will use Gisborne’s location and attributes as a way of recruiting and retaining highly competent people who value what Eastland Group can offer them professionally in terms of values, culture, meaning and career development and Gisborne can offer them personally in terms of lifestyle.

It is these attributes that will provide us with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Better Results for Gisborne

We strongly support the economic development of the Gisborne district and encourage new industry into the region. To this end, we will look for opportunities on behalf of our primary customers as well as for our own group.

Customer and Staff Satisfaction is Paramount

We are customer focused and we strive to fully understand our customers’ requirements in order to provide a better service. Our employees have a genuine interest in meeting the needs of our customers because they work in an environment which is satisfying and rewarding. When you deal with us, we’re sure you will agree our employees are one of our greatest assets.


Matt Todd
Group Chief Executive